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O. Ivankov, T. Kondela, E. Dushanov, E. Ermakova, T. Murugova, D. Soloviov, A. Kuklin, N. Kučerka; Cholesterol and melatonin regulated membrane fluidity does not affect membrane’s breakage triggered by amyloid-beta peptide.

(in preparation for Biophysical Chemistry)


T. Murugova, D. Soloviov, et al.; Structural changes to the lipid membrane organization due to amyloid-beta peptide.

(in preparation for BBA-Biomembranes)


S. Kurakin, N. Kučerka; The impact of cations on the zwitterionic lipid - amyloid-beta peptide interactions.

(in preparation)


S. Kurakin, T. Kondela, N. Kučerka; The lipid vesicles in PBS buffer.

(in preparation for Journal of Surface Investigation)


D. Soloviov, D, Badreeva, et al.; Amyloid-beta peptide induced changes to the lipid membrane dynamics.

(in preparation)


Norbert Kučerka, Pavol Balgavý, Biophysical Perspectives of Model Biological Membranes Studied by Neutron and X-ray Scattering.

(in preparation for Acta Physica Slovaca)


Elena Ermakova, Pavol Hrubovčák, Tomáš Kondela, Alexander I. Kuklin, Daniela Uhríková, Norbert Kučerka; Structural properties of bilayers composed of PC/PE lipids.

(in preparation)


Tomáš Kondela, Stanislav G. Sheverev, Anatoly I. Beskrovnyi, Norbert Kučerka; Membrane Neutron Diffraction on Time-Of-Flight Diffractometer.

(in preparation)


Kelly Cathcart, Aisha Shamas-Din, David Andrews, Brian Leber, Maikel Rheinstädter, Norbert Kučerka, Cécile Fradin; A structural basis for the inhibitory effect of cholesterol on the insertion of the pore-forming pro-apoptotic protein Bax into lipid bilayers.

(in preparation)


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